Palm Phone Hands-On Against Android

Hey everybody, I am Bingo, And if you are of a certain age you know that means that I am the Palm guy. I used the Centro, I used Pixi, I used the Pre. I founded, I was all about web OS, I was all about Palm. Then it died, but now it’s back. Not the company but the name Palm. It’s coming back as this little thing that I was hiding in my hand. It’s a tiny little phone to go along with your big, huge, honking phone. Well, that’s all that about?

This is the Palm phone, and the basic idea here is you don’t want to carry around your big, giant phone. So, you can have this little weekender phone, and it uses Verizon’s dual number system. You pay an extra ten bucks a month, and that allows you to have this phone, share your phone number and also share text messages. So, you can leave your other phone behind, which is a great idea, except there’s a couple of caveats. If you’re an iPhone user, your I Messages obviously won’t come over. If you’re an Android user, you’re gonna need to use Verizon’s custom text messaging app instead of the built-in Android messages in order to get your messages.

What’s Deal With Palm Phone

The other question you’re probably asking is, what’s the deal with this phone? Well, it’s an Android phone, and the basic navigation works this way. There’s a single, solitary button on it. You press it, it turns the screen on, you swipe up to unlock it. If you double tap it, it will launch the Google Assistant, and it will listen to your voice and you can do voice stuff. They did that because they figured it’s a lot faster, you’re gonna wanna be doing a lot of voice stuff. Now, there are no soft buttons on the bottom, and so there’s this one, single, solitary button, and it works one of three ways. So, if you tap it once it serves as a back button. If you double tap it, it goes home, and if you long press it, it takes you to this overview screen.

Features of Palm Phone

They have built in a custom face unlock feature into the camera, but I’m sure it’s nowhere secure as Face ID on the iPhone. So, you can just use a standard unlock pattern if you want. The screen is 3.3 inches and it actually looks pretty good. It’s not too bad, and for the basic stuff that it’s meant to do, it’s relatively fast. Although, it is Snapdragon 435 processor with 3 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of storage.

This isn’t exactly a powerhouse in terms of specs. As far as Palm, the new Palm is concerned, you really are just gonna be using a few different apps with the same bopping in and out. So, it can run any Android app, because it’s running Android 8.1,but really they expect you’re just gonna use it for music, maybe a little Facebooking, navigation, that sort of stuff. Really simple, weekender phone stuff. Now there is a camera on this, it’s a 12 megapixel camera on the back, and I’m sure it’s no great shakes. We haven’t looked at it on a big screen, but on this tiny screen it looks fine.