Technology Features of Palm Phone

There’s our conference room. If you wanna adjust volume, you need to go into the quick settings thing. Now the other thing I’ll notice when I’m in the quick settings things here is there is this Palm button. This is where we start to get into why this is a little bit more like an old Palm phone, at least why they claim it is. So, when you turn on Life Mode, which is what they call it, this basically acts as both battery saver and do not disturb at the same time. So, when this mode is on, you turn the screen off and no notifications will come in. And in fact, they turn off the radio so not even phone calls will come in. So, this thing should last a very, very long time in this mode.

It’s only got an 800 milliamp battery in it, but if you have this mode on the thing will probably just hang out, it’s inert forever. The other sort of cute little Palm thing is they’ve made this shortcut on the lock screen where you swipe up and you get this little graffiti area with four buttons on it. Then you can do a search for C if you wanna do the clock. Or you can jump right into the camera or messaging, whatever. The home screen here, it is just an app launcher, there are not two different things and it’s in this honeycomb pattern. You can, of course, move stuff around, drag it around, install it. You’ll notice here, I long pressed on an item, that brings up shortcuts to jump directly into things inside the app.

Android Vs Palm Phone

It’s a really underused feature in Android, and I’m really glad they sort of foregrounded it here. That even works from that lock screen, so if I were to go here and write an S, it’ll jump into different shortcuts inside the app. So, jump right into scan inside the camera app, for example, or the drive app. So, that’s kinda neat. I know what you’re thinking, Dieter, is this really a Palm phone? I mean, it’s got sort of a Palm logo on it, but it’s not running web OS and the only really Palm thing about it is that a bunch of other Palm phones has been tiny. Yeah, you’re right. You should almost think of this more as a really big Smart Watch than a really little phone.

You can’t buy it on its own, it’s actually sold on a connected device plan, so it’s an extra 10 bucks a months. It’s 350, or you can get it on 15 bucks a month on an installment plan. It can do more than a SmartWatch cause it can run every single Android app, but it can do less than your phone, cause it’s got a tiny screen and you’re not gonna wanna spend that much time on it. That’s kinda the whole idea here, is this is meant to be a time well-spent phone. It’s a phone that you turn on, do a couple things, turn off and ignore.

You can even turn on that Life Mode thing and completely ignore it entirely. So, it’s sort of like a backup plan to your phone. Is that worth 10 bucks a month? Maybe. Thanks so much for reading, we’re gonna have a whole lot more about this thing including a review, when it comes out in November. In the meantime, you should subscribe to the channel now cause we’ve got a whole bunch of Pixel 3 content.

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